Willow Oaks Ladies’ Game at Bridge Center

The Ladies Willow Oaks game will be held on Friday, Sept 16 at 10:30 at the Bridge Center. Box lunches rom Ukrops will be served.

Ladies – It’s almost time for the 3rd Friday (Sept 16) Willow Oaks Bridge game. This month, we will be playing at the Bridge Center since there is a men’s function at Willow Oaks. I will be picking up box lunches from Ukrops like I did a couple months ago. If you have signed up at the Bridge Center, thank you! If you have not signed up yet, it is not too late. The cost is still $20. You can sign up at the Bridge Center with your choice for lunch or call Anne Atwood at 804-357-1225 or email at bsaintsd@aol.com.

Box lunch choices:
Includes: Mrs. Marshall’s potato salad, fresh fruit & Chocolate Fudge Tart
1. Chicken salad on Croissant
2. Roasted Turkey & Colby Jack Sub
3. Black Forest Ham & Provolone Sub
4. Italian Style Sub
5. Turkey, Bacon & Provolone Wrap
6. Southwestern Style Wrap
7. Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap
8. Chef Salad
9. Chicken & Bacon Cobb Salad
10. Southwestern Style Salad
11. Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
12. Low Fat Broccoli Pasta w/Side Salad

If you are not able to come but would like to sign up for October 21st game at Willow Oaks, let me know.

District Six NAP District Level Competition

List of Unit 109 NAP Qualifiers

Come join a Championship event against your peer group.
The top four finishers in Flights B and C and top three finishers in the Open represent District Six
at the North American Bridge Championships (NABC) being held March 9-19, 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The District Event will be held OCTOBER 15-16, 2022 ONLINE on BBO.
Game time is 11:30 for the first session each day.

The Open Flight and Flight B are two sessions over two days, qualifying and final.
Starting time is 11:30 Saturday, October 15. If you qualify to play Sunday, first session will be 11:30.

Flight C Non-Life Master (NLM 0-500) is just being held on Sunday for two sessions. Starting time is 11:30 Sunday, October 16.

You must Pre-register by Thursday, October 7. The cost is $50 per pair ($25 each) which covers two sessions.
If you qualify for the second day in the Open or Flight B, we will collect for the second day after the event ends.

Qualifiers will be compensated to offset some of the costs for hotel and air travel:
$700 for first place, $500 for second, $300 for third, and $200 for fourth for each player in the partnership that qualifies.

Write check to District Six for $50
Address envelope to:
Lucy McCoy
3353 Taleen Ct.
Annandale, VA 22003
Send us your email addresses and BBO names and ACBL numbers along with your check.

More information for those that have not played this event before:

+ Open and Flight B are four session events (if you qualify on Saturday), with two qualifying sessions on Saturday and two sessions on Sunday.
Flight C event is just two sessions on Sunday.
+ Just get online about ten minutes before game time. Each player in the partnership will be asked to join. Just wait to be asked to join and click on “accept.”
+ Whoever submits the pair’s information and check will get a confirmation email after preregistering.
+ About five days before the event each part of the partnership will receive an email with more detailed information.

All this information is on the District Six website: districtsixbridge.org
Information is top middle of the Home page. (Remember to click on “continue reading” to get the entire article.)

Questions or comments
Bill Cole
colebridge@ aol.com

District News

Congratulations to Barry Fratkin, newly elected president of District 6!

Also congratulations to Karen Hamlett on her nomination to the Goodwill Committee. Members are chosen for their willingness to go above and beyond in promoting bridge and are wonderful ambassadors for the game.

Condolences to the Pustilniks

The RBA sends its condolences to Mimi and Bobby Pustilnik on the passing of their son Jack, Saturday, August 6. Jack is also survived by his wife, Michelle, and daughters, Morgan and Olivia. Please keep the Pustilnik family in your thoughts and prayers.

If anyone wants to make a contribution, the family has requested donations be made to Richmond Animal League.