Willow Oaks Ladies’ Game

This month’s Willow Oaks game is Friday, June 16th at 10:30am. Willow Oaks is having a men’s golf tournament, so the game will be held at the Bridge Center. I hope you will come and see the improvements that we have made and give us suggestions on what you would like to see in the future.

As in the past, we will be serving Ukrop’s box lunches. The box lunches will include: Mrs. Marshall’s potato salad, fresh fruit and a chocolate tart. Your choices are:
1. Chicken salad croissant
2. Roasted turkey & colby jack sub
3. Black forest ham & provolone sub
4. Italian style sub
5. Turkey Bacon & provolone wrap
6. Southwestern style wrap
7. Grilled chicken caesar wrap
8. Chef salad
9. Chicken & Bacon cobb salad
10. Southwestern style salad
11. Grilled chicken caesar salad
12. Low fat pasta & side salad

If you have already signed up, please let me know what your luncheon choice will be – If you are signing up, include your choice. I will need to know if you are coming and your lunch choice no later than Tuesday, June, 13th. You are more than welcome to come if you have not signed up but will need to bring your own lunch. Reservations with Ukrops must be in by Wednesday morning, June 14.

Call Anne Atwood at 804-357-1225 or email at bsaintsd@aol.com to sign up.


Willow Oaks Ladies’ Game — 2 Comments

  1. Anne,

    Thanks so much for shepherding us Bridge enthusiasts.

    Jean Oakey and I will be playing in the Willow Oaks Game next Friday. She may sign up when she is at the Bridge Center Monday, but I wanted to let you know as well.

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