Virtual Games in 109

Unit 109 sponsors games for online play to help us survive this time of social distancing. These games can be found on Join us when you can! See Results.

Day Time Type Club Sponsor Contact
Monday 2:15 pm <3500 The Bridge Center Mimi Pustilnik
Tuesday 12:00 noon <3000 Tricities Susan MacLaughlin
Tuesday 7:00 pm <500 Friendly Bridge Harry Alferink
Wednesday 1:15 pm Open The Bridge Center Harry Alferink
Wednesday (7/15) 6:35 pm Open Bridge Center/Friendly Bridge Bob MacCleave
Thursday 1:15 pm <1500 The Bridge Center Mimi Pustilnik
Friday 1:15 <500 The Bridge Center Linda MacCleave
Sunday 1:15 pm <500 Friendly Bridge Linda MacCleave
Sunday 6:35 <200 Friendly Bridge Paul Anderson

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