The Story of Bridge in Richmond

Recently Dickie Hamilton took the time to talk to Bobby Pustilnik and Govind Narayan about the Story of Bridge in Richmond, starting at a time before there was a Bridge Center and including his thoughts on the future of the game. The discussion was videotaped.

For your convenience there is a 10 minute version of the discussion. For you to have the more full experience there is a 90 minute version of the discussion also. The videos are on a new YouTube channel, where more content will find its way. So, beyond just viewing the videos please take a moment to like the videos and subscribe to the channel.


The Story of Bridge in Richmond — 1 Comment

  1. This conversation is special to me. Virginia Brown was my late husband’s grandmother. Hearing her mentioned made me so happy! She and Kilby used to teach on Goren cruises, and my husband and I actually played bridge with them, but I don’t remember where. It would have been around 1967-68.

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