Summer Workshops Begin June 14

Krispy Kreme DoughnutI will be teaching workshops on Saturdays this summer at the Bridge Center. The first lesson will be Saturday, June 14, starting at 9:30. The workshops follow chapters 2 through 11 in the Friendly Bridge book, which is available as a download on the website (Friendly Bridge page).

The second lesson will be June 28.  I’m still trying to work out the rest of the schedule, between family vacations, other bridge outings, etc…

The workshops are $5, and I provide warm Krispy Kreme donuts.  I hope you can join us.



Summer Workshops Begin June 14 — 2 Comments

  1. These lessons are just what I need now! I can’t make the June 28 meeting but hope to come to virtually every one after that. Will there be a lesson On July 5? If so,I will be there at 9:30.
    If not, let me know when the next lesson will be

    Thanks Anne Freeman email ahfreeman (tel number 355-3813, so I think that means my membership number is 3813)

  2. Anne, Ed has not yet provided me with a complete list of the schedule for his classes. He has a few Saturdays that he will not be able to do it. So I don’t know if July 5 is one of those or not. His email has been down a few days, but you can try to contact him directly by going to the Officers page. He is the past president, and clicking his name will give you an email form. You are right about the membership number. If you are not an ACBL member, we list you in the computer with a fake number, which is your last 4 digits of your phone number. Once (or if) you become a member, the ACBL will provide you with a 7-digit number. However, you only need that when you play in a game, not when you take a Saturday lesson.

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