Sad News: Death of David Butler

Note from Steve Rothman:

I still can’t believe it’s true–I’m absolutely gobsmacked–it’s with the greatest sadness I report the death of Dave Butler–suddenly and without any indication that he was ill–one of the finest players in our district is gone I have no real details other than he cancelled on his partner for today’s pro-am since he didn’t feel well yesterday or the day before and took himself to the hospital. I worked the election with him all day Tuesday–he was our precinct chief–and handled that job skillfully with no signs of distress. He was our unit president, and with Betsy Ruehl helped arrange our recent unit party. He provided expert commentary and counterpoint to Mile Lane in the club’s First Friday Forums. His regular and occasional partners will sorely miss him, as will everyone who knew him. He offered advice kindly, with dry wit, was never haughty, and I never saw him moved to anger. I still can’t believe he’s gone. I have no other details to share; will post his obituary when available. We will surely have games in his tribute and honor in the near future. Everyone, please, think of those close to you–let them know you care about them lest they suddenly be gone and you’ve lost the chance to let them know.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of this bad news–I have a candle lit–I can’t believe he’s gone–Steve Rothman, Nov 13


Sad News: Death of David Butler — 2 Comments

  1. I am one of David Butler’s cousins and was alerted to his death by my cousin, Jim Wade who lives in Earlysville. David’s neice, Mary Fry who lives in Charlottesville also heard of his death but no one knows any details other than what was posted on the website.
    Could someone please contact one of us?
    Thank you,

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