RBA Election 2016

The RBA nominating committee (Linda MacCleave, Mimi Pustilnik, Will Williams) is working on a slate for the election of new officers and board for the 2016 May election. If you want to be on the board, reply to this post by March 21. The slate will be posted here and at your club by early April. Board members are expected to attend board meetings in Richmond about 4 times a year.

If a person who wants to be on the ballot is not chosen for the slate of 4 officers and 4 directors, any person can submit his or her name for the ballot in the following manner (from bylaws):

H.    Additional nominations may be made by the membership. Such nominations must be in writing, signed by at least twenty (20) members in good standing, and must be mailed to the Secretary of the RBA at least ten (10) days before the date of the annual membership meeting/election.

Please send additional nominations to Becky Duty by May 1.

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