Parking at Bethesda Regional, July 3-9

First. Parking is $7.00 per day, per vehicle. This came about yesterday. Yes, there is a Satellite lot. Yes, there is a shuttle to take you TO the hotel and FROM the hotel to the parking lot. The lot is about 3 blocks away, you could walk if you wanted to do so! Exercise!!! You pay for parking before you return to your car. There are kiosks on the lower level of the hotel/conference center, near where you enter from the shuttle drop off. There are NO kiosks in the parking lot. If you go out to dinner, you keep your ticket and show it when you return to the hotel. The address is 6130 Executive Blvd. Rockville, MD. This is the address of the parking lot. On the NVBA page in the upper right there is a link about this, with maps and other information. Check it out. You can print it if you want! Thanks to Ron Kral for putting it there!

Second, IF you are STAYING IN THE HOTEL over night DO NOT LET THEM CHARGE you for parking. They have told a number of people that parking for hotel guests is $15.00 per night. IT IS NOT. IT COMES with YOUR ROOM! This is all assuming you are staying between July 3 and 9. If you stay AFTER the 9th, or before the 3rd, you will pay for parking, because those are outside our ‘window’.

THIRD! TODAY they LOWERED the room rate from $119.00 to $104.00. SO if you left an email with them when you made your reservation, you should get an email telling you this. It has also been extended to June 23 as the cut off date, in stead of JUNE 16!

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