Longest Day Success June 25

Thanks to Landon for the terrific job she did organizing the Longest Day Games raising $9,735, Ed for directing, the Alferinks for the food, Barry for the Faison Center, Scott for the rubber bridge table, and Karen and Jane for everything else. Honestly, we needed all of you to pull off such a successful day.

News from the Bridge Center

We will be holding lots of special NAP (North American Pairs) games in the next few months. These games will award 50% red and 50% black, Sectionally rated. That is lots of points. All of the games will be stratified with special games for players with less than 2500 points.

JUNE, there will be a game Tuesday morning June 28 with 3 strats Open, 0-2500 and 0-500.
Thursday morning June 30, 2 strats 0-2500 and 0-500

JULY Wednesday evening July 6, 3 strats. Open, 0-2500 and 0-500
Thursday morning July 14 0-2500 and 0-500
Wednesday evening July 20 Open, 0-2500 and 0-500
The top 50% of the players in each game will be eligible for the next level
Cost for these games is $8.00.

Don’t forget this is the week of the Longest Day games. Wednesday night June 22,  our 0-300 ONLINE game will be included in contributing to the Alzheimer Society. Game cost that night will be $7.00.

Come play on Saturday June 25 at the Faison Center as all of Richmond Bridge joins together to support this worthy cause.

The Story of Bridge in Richmond

Recently Dickie Hamilton took the time to talk to Bobby Pustilnik and Govind Narayan about the Story of Bridge in Richmond, starting at a time before there was a Bridge Center and including his thoughts on the future of the game. The discussion was videotaped.

For your convenience there is a 10 minute version of the discussion. For you to have the more full experience there is a 90 minute version of the discussion also. The videos are on a new YouTube channel, where more content will find its way. So, beyond just viewing the videos please take a moment to like the videos and subscribe to the channel.