RBA Officers for 2020-2022

President: Anne Atwood
Vice President: Ruth Miles
Treasurer: Tom Kasvin
Secretary: Karen Hamlett
Past President: Barry Fratkin

Board: Landon Woody
Board: Peter Martin
Board: Ed Kinlaw
Board: Francis Terminella
Plus 4 appointed board members

Bridge Center Online

Starting Wednesday April 29 at 1:15 we will have bridge online (BBO) for all our players. (Open game) Thursday April 30 at 1:15 (0-1500 points only). You must be registered at BBO in order to play. THE SYSTEM WILL ONLY ALLOW PEOPLE WHO HAVE PLAYED IN OUR GAMES TO PLAY.

  1. Go to www.bridgebase.com and register if you haven’t already. Must be done at least two days before our game. Pick your online name (moniker)
  2. You must purchase BBO dollars before you can register for the game. The cost of the games is $6.00
  3. TWO HOURS before game time on Wednesday, you can log on for the game.
  4. Log on to BBO and go to COMPETITIVE and ACBL VIRTUAL CLUBS.
  5. Search for the club by using the name Bridge Center. It will be listed as VACB110601.
  6. Both partners must be online at the same time in order to register for the game.
  7. REGISTER EARLY so we can see if anyone is having trouble. Call me if your have any problems. After you register, come back 10 minutes before game time.
  8. If you are BLOCKED, PLEASE CALL ME AT 804 241-3234. I will need to know your moniker and I can add you to the game.
  9. We will be playing 21 boards initially, 3 boards a round with 7 minutes a board. When the round is over you will automatically be moved into the next round even if you are not finished.  The computer will determine your score for any unfinished boards. There will be a clock in the upper left hand corner. Please keep track of your time.
  10. Playing online is a little different as you must alert your own bids. There is an alert button with room for a description and then make your bid. Your partner cannot see your alert. Click on Alert and explain before you make your bid.
  11. When the game is over, the results will appear in your BBO history and on ACBL Live for Clubs. This will be our first games so please be patient as we THIS WILL BE OUR FIRST GAMES, SO PLEASE BE PATIENT AS WE WORK OUR WAY THROUGH THEM.


Friendly Bridge on BBO

On Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings you will now be able to play with your Friendly Bridge friends on BBO. The game is open to anyone with 0-500 masterpoints (even life masters). The games will take place every Sunday at 4:00 pm and every Tuesday at 7:00 pm. You will be able to buy an entry with BB$ 2 hours before the game begins. Contact Linda if you have any questions.

You will be able to see your results on ACBL Live the next day at https://my.acbl.org/club-results/249714. The link will also appear on the Game Results Calendar.


  1. Log on to Bridge Base Online (bridgebase.com)
  2. Choose Play bridge now.
  3. Log in using your id and password (or register if you have not already joined)
  4. Under Featured Areas, go to Virtual Clubs.
  5. Choose ACBL Virtual Clubs.
  6. Our club (Friendly Bridge) will not show up on the list until 2 hours before game time.
  7. Find Friendly Bridge by scrolling or enter the word friendly in the search bar on the top right.
  8. When signing up for the game, you and your partner both must be online.
  9. If you have trouble registering, call Linda at 356-6069.
  10. Your partner will be asked to accept the invitation to play. You can pay $4.00 each, or one of you can pay for both you and your partner for $8.00.
  11. When buying more BB$ be sure to buy them only at BBO using your Account page.

Bob Pustilnik’s Lessons

If there is any interest, Bob Pustilnik would be glad to prepare Wednesday Night and Thursday Night lessons and put them on line in written form on the Web Site. He would also be glad to answer your bridge questions about the lessons, about play in general, and about bridge ethics (with Mimi’s help), or any other general questions. If you have any interest, contact Bob at maddhttr@hotmail.com. Please feel free to suggest topics of interest.

Bob’s lessons are listed here.