Opportunities to Learn About Bridge Virtually

Unit 109 is proud of the steps we have taken to help our bridge players to continue to grow in their knowledge of bridge.

Mondays at 4:45–Linda MacCleave and Bob Pustilnik present on Zoom an overview of the hands that players played on Sunday afternoon at 1:15. Players are sent a copy of the pdf of the hands prior to the class and are encouraged to choose the numbers of the hands they want to talk about. (Cost: free)

Tuesdays at 3:00 pm–Chris D’Ambra and Linda MacCleave work together to run a virtual game on BBO that is designed for learning. Participants check in at 3:00 on Zoom and then register on BBO for the game, which starts at 3:30. They play 10 hands and take notes on questions or problems the hands presented for them. The players then return to Zoom. The hands that the players choose to analyze are then presented again to demonstrate suggested bidding and play. Players are encouraged to make comments and ask questions about the hands. (Cost: Game $5, Lesson free)

Thursdays at 6:35 pm: M&M Game (Mentor-Mentee). Beginners are paired with Life Masters for a game and are encouraged to schedule the game two times per month. Mentors take notes on specific areas that the mentees need to have reinforced and schedule a meeting some time after the game to talk to the mentees about specific problems. Mentees pay for their Mentors’ game fee two times a month. Mentees have the fees that they paid for the Mentors reimbursed at the end of the month by the Unit. This game is invitational, so only those who have signed up can play. This game is managed by Chris D’Ambra and is directed by Anne Atwood or Linda MacCleave. We currently have a waiting list of mentees wanting mentors. Let us know if you are available to mentor. (Cost: Game $5 per person)

Saturdays at 1:15: Linda MacCleave presents lessons on topics chosen by the class members each week. The topics are presented clearly using Powerpoint slides. Participants are encouraged to ask questions during the presentation and will receive the complete presentation after the lesson on request. (Cost: free)

Sundays at 8:50 pm: Ed Kinlaw presents on Zoom an overview of the hands that players played on Sunday evening. Players are send a copy of the pdf of the hands prior to the class. (Cost: free)

Any time: Past videos of Ed Kinlaw’s Green Book Lessons can be found in a link on this website under Lessons: Ed Talks.

Any time: View the articles written by Bob Pustilnik, as entertaining as they are informative. You can find them all on this site–Bob’s Articles.

For more information about these learning opportunities, contact Linda MacCleave.

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