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We will be holding lots of special NAP (North American Pairs) games in the next few months. These games will award 50% red and 50% black, Sectionally rated. That is lots of points. All of the games will be stratified with special games for players with less than 2500 points.

JUNE, there will be a game Tuesday morning June 28 with 3 strats Open, 0-2500 and 0-500.
Thursday morning June 30, 2 strats 0-2500 and 0-500

JULY Wednesday evening July 6, 3 strats. Open, 0-2500 and 0-500
Thursday morning July 14 0-2500 and 0-500
Wednesday evening July 20 Open, 0-2500 and 0-500
The top 50% of the players in each game will be eligible for the next level
Cost for these games is $8.00.

Don’t forget this is the week of the Longest Day games. Wednesday night June 22,  our 0-300 ONLINE game will be included in contributing to the Alzheimer Society. Game cost that night will be $7.00.

Come play on Saturday June 25 at the Faison Center as all of Richmond Bridge joins together to support this worthy cause.


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