New Game on Thursday Nights

A new game will be introduced on Thursday, September 3. This is an invitational game for Mentors and Mentees. We have 30+ pairs registered to play in this game. The mentees will invite and pay for the mentors and will be reimbursed by the RBA for 2 Thursdays a month. The game is called Richmond Friendly Bridge M&M Invitational.

Mentors will arrange a time to talk with mentees after the game to discuss bidding and play of hands. Mentors and mentees may play every Thursday if their mentors are available. This arrangement will last for 4 months, and we hope to do this again beginning in January.


New Game on Thursday Nights — 6 Comments

  1. I am really interested in being a mentee in the Thursday game starting in December. How do I find out more details and if I qualify?

    • Jeanne, Thursday nights is for mentors and mentees. Mentees are under 200, an mentors are life master+. Looks like you fall in between. So sorry!

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