New Game for Learning

Friendly Bridge is launching a new game just for learning how to play. We are still experimenting with how best to do this, but we will have our 3rd attempt on Tuesday, December 22 at 9:00 am (note the new time moved up from 9:30).

We will be using a combination of BBO and Zoom to talk about hands played almost immediately. You will have an opportunity to see the hand bid and played by the instructor followed by comments and questions by you. You must have less than 500 masterpoints to play in this game.

Next week’s game will have you playing 4 boards in 32 minutes. Then you will have a 30-minute Zoom session to watch the hands being bid and played, followed by questions and answers. You will then go back to BBO to play 6 more hands, a total of 10 hands for the game. You have the option to come back to Zoom when you are finished to discuss anything you would like regarding the 10 hands you played. The game and learning session should last no longer than 2.5 hours. You will receive hand records and analyses of 4 hands via email after the game.

We currently have 62 on the list who want to participate sometimes. Contact Linda MacCleave to be on the list to get the Zoom invitation.

Instructor: Linda MacCleave
Director: Chris D’Ambra

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