New Friendly Bridge Class: Sun, Mar 22

A new Friendly Bridge class will begin Sunday evening, March 22 from 6:00-8:30 at the Bridge Center in Richmond, taught by Ed Kinlaw. The classes consist of 20 lessons. The first 4 lessons are FREE, and you will receive a FREE BOOK. Beginning at week 5, you will participate in a sanctioned bridge game, and the cost will be $4.00 per game. You will continue to learn new things every week before the game. It is a fun way to learn the game, and you will meet new people who share a love of this game. No pre-registration required. You will register when you come in, so come a little early. Come join the fun!

Download flyer here.

Download Friendly Bridge Book here.


New Friendly Bridge Class: Sun, Mar 22 — 8 Comments

  1. I recently moved to Richmond & would like to learn to play bridge.

    I would like to register for the next “New Friendly Bridge” classes.

    Who do I need to contact? Or how do I get on the next registration?

  2. Leslie, we start new classes in March and September. I think you should go ahead and come Sunday the 13th. They are only on lesson 3, so you should be able to catch up easily. You can register when you get there. The lessons are at the Bridge Center in Richmond. Linda

  3. Lucia,the lessons start twice a year, in March and September. You’re welcome to come right now, but the lessons have already started. You’ll get a free book, so you may be able to catch up. You can always start over again in September. If you prefer, you could wait until September. It will be after Labor Day, but we haven’t set the exact date yet. The lessons are on Sunday evenings at 6-8:30 at the Bridge Center in Richmond.

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