NAP Qualifiers

Pre-registration: Pre-registration is required in order to play in the District Finals. Pairs must pre-register (envelopes must be postmarked or money received) by September 10th, 2015. Please include the name and ACBL number for each player. You and your partner must pre-register as a pair and not as individual

In order to pre-register for the Northern events,  mail a check made payable to District 6 in the amount of $50.00, to cover two (2) sessions of the event, to District 6, POB 3329, Silver Spring MD 20918.  

In order to pre-register for the Southern events,  mail a check made payable to District 6 in the amount of $50.00, to cover two (2) sessions of the event, to Barry Fratkin, 1935 Hickoryridge Road, Richmond, VA 23238.

Events for which a viable number of players do not pre-register will be cancelled. Note: If the minimum number of tables has pre-registered by the deadline, additional pairs may be allowed to pre-register until the day before the event if the movement would not suffer from the addition.

Withdrawal: Once a player has entered the District Final, he/she is expected to complete the event unless eliminated in a qualifying round. Withdrawal will be permitted in emergencies (serious situations which occur unexpectedly and mandate immediate attention) only.

Date and Locations: The District 6 Final for all flights is the weekend of September 19-20 2015.  

The Northern site (all flights) is the White Oak Community Center, 1700 April Lane, Silver Spring MD 20904. Game time on Saturday is noon; game time on Sunday is 11 am.  

The Southern site (0-2500 and NLM only) is the Clarion Hotel Central, 3207 North Boulevard Richmond VA 23230. Game time is 10:30 and TBA both days.  

The Open Flight and 0-2500 Flight Finals will be 4-session events, with roughly 50% of the field qualifying for the second day. The NLM Flight Final will be a 2-session event held on Sunday, September 20 only. (NLM eligible players may play in the Open or 0-2500 event on Saturday and in the NLM event on Sunday if they don’t qualify for the second day.)

Qualification to the National Level: The top 3 pairs in the Open Flight and the top 4 pairs in the 0-2500 and NLM Flights will qualify for the National Finals. The top 2 pairs will be subsidized by the ACBL: the first place pairs receiving $700 per person, and the second place pairs receiving $300 per person. District 6 will subsidize the second, third and fourth place pairs as follows:  The second place pairs will receive $200 per person in addition to the ACBL subsidy. Third place pairs will receive $300 per person. Fourth place in the 0-2500 and NLM will receives $200 per person.

The National Finals will be held during the NABC in Reno NV. The National Final for the Open Flight will be held Wednesday and Thursday, March 9-10, 2016. The National Finals for the 0-2500 and NLM Flights will be held Sunday and Monday, March 13-14 2016.

District 6 NAP Coordinator

Barbara Doran
1107 Dale Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20910-1607
(301) 608-0347 home

Complete Conditions of Contest

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