Learn to Play Bridge

Since launching last year, more than 16,000 people have registered on the ACBL’s Learn To Play Bridge website. With learning modules that cover play of the hand and bidding, it’s the perfect opportunity for students to practice their skills at home. From Trump Suits and Minor/Major Opening to Finesses and Overcalls, students will get the chance to play 20-50 hands in each module.

Accessing Learn To Play Bridge is easy. Simply visit www.learn2playbridge.com to get started. Registration is not required, but it’s encouraged so students can track their progress. To keep it simple, they have created a handout for students with instructions for accessing the learning modules. All you have to do is to practice at home!


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    • Sunday classes begin on September 27. Ed will start his Saturday classes some time in November. He will announce that when he knows when he will start. Contact Ed to have him contact you when he knows.

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