Jan 26: Parking at Bridge Center

The Bridge Center parking lot has been partially cleared. However, parking is limited due to piles of snow. You may be able to find some parking at the Holiday Inn parking lot or the Crossroads shopping center. Be very careful walking regardless of where you find parking.


Jan 26: Parking at Bridge Center — 3 Comments

  1. I understand the thought behind the Sweetheart Bridge Game/Party on 2/13. However, we have so many singles who are loyal members of the Bridge Center, that I feel it is unfair to penalize them because they may not have a significant other to bring as their partner. In the future it is best to be as inclusive as possible for our beloved bridge activities. Thanks.

    • Lindsay, I understand your concern. However, this game is being sponsored by the Bridge Center, a private business. They feel that Valentine’s Day is an appropriate time to have a game for couples only, and they are confident that they will be able to fill the tables (20) with couples. The game was very successful last year. If they discover that this venue will not fill the tables, they may be inclined to discontinue this game next year or open it to everyone. I will pass your note on to the owners of the Bridge Center. Thanks!

  2. I notice this is posted under the parking announcement, but I think you’ll probably get it. I just reread what you said. No one is actually a member of the Bridge Center. It’s a private business that is open to the public. Sometimes they have games for mixed masters, teams, whatever they want. They even rent out the space when they are not sponsoring a game, and those games can be restricted by number of points or even gender. You are a member of the RBA, which is not the same thing as the Bridge Center. It can be confusing!

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