Hunt Valley Recap

RBA Success at Hunt Valley Regional

A large contingent of RBA members descended on Hunt Valley for the District 6 regional August 13-19 and several had impressive performances winning a significant number of master points.

Leading the pack was Mark Dahl with 54.64 points followed by Anne Atwood (37.34), Susan MacLaughlin (36.29), Rick McDaniel and John Crigler from Fredericksburg, both scoring 32.77.

Becky Duty (29.51) Susan Eckis (28.33), Darlene Selz (28.33), Harry and Anne Alferink (27.57 each), Patti Martin and Daria Snider (16.61 each). NLM Ron Corio had 10.49.

Harry Alferink, Winnie Fratkin, Barry Fratkin, Anne Alferink

Alferinks and Fratkins Receive Goodwill Honors

At a reception Wednesday night at the Hunt Valley Regional, Anne and Harry Alferink and Winnie and Barry Fratkin were recognized as new members of the District 6 and National Goodwill committees, respectively. Elected by the RBA for this year’s District award, the Alferinks were cited for their volunteer work, gracious behavior and handling the hospitality at the sectionals. Harry recently became a game director, handling the Tuesday night Friendly Bridge game.

The Fratkins were two of just three district players named by the District 6 to the National Goodwill Committee. They were recognized for their contributions to District 6 as well as the RBA. Winnie was appointed chairman of the District 6 Goodwill Committee.

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