Highlights of the Fall Sectional

We had 198 tables, up from 166 in June. We had 34 swiss teams on Sunday, also one of our better turnouts.

It was probably our smoothest run tournament, mainly because:

  1. The hotel is very cooperative, especially their houseman Fraselle.
  2. The Alferinks once again did a great job with hospitality. Lots of people brought food, allowing us to continue to claim the best hospitality in the District.
  3. Anne Atwood paired up quite a few people through the partnership desk, a large number compared to other sectionals.
  4. George Lewis and Ed Kinlaw served as assistant directors to Anne Duty, giving us a well staffed tournament.
  5. Ed and two of his kids served as caddies on Sunday, making the transfer of boards go quickly and smoothly.
  6. Richard Deyerle gave a well received lesson on Friday. Very few sectionals have lessons on two days if at all.

    Other notes:

    Congratulations to Richard Deyerle and his partner Shawn Stringer for topping the masterpoint list with 23.56. Also, Marc Warner and DeWayne Jones teamed with a pair from Charlottesville to win the Bracket 1 Swiss; Randall Holden, Ruth Miles, Paul Anderson and Cindy Revercomb won Bracket 2 and Warren and Karen Abel teamed with Betty Richardson and Barbara Mehnert (Chris D’Ambra’s mother) to win Bracket 4. Randall and Pam Farrar teamed with Ellis Abrams and Tom Billups to win the Saturday BAM. Paul McGowan and his partner Leah Shao had a 69.13% game Saturday afternoon while Richard and Shawn had the tournament’s top game with a 69.59% Saturday morning.

    Also winning were Dewitte Thompson and Ed Lozito (Friday AM 0-300), Ron Vande Bunte and Richard Wallace (Friday PM open), Jeanne Loving and Eliza Askin (Friday PM 0-300), Elaine Parks and Gale Beamon (Saturday AM 0-300). 218 players won master points.

    Finally, there were 21 sectionals held by the ACBL all across the country October 16 – 18 and only two cities had more tables than we did (St. Louis and Seattle), so thanks to everyone who helped and to everyone who played.

    Winnie and Barry

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