Hampton Roads Trophy 2016

Teams from the RBA fought valiantly on April 30, but we were unable to retain the Hampton Roads trophy.  Ed Kinlaw captained the team, and thanks all who played.

Special congratulations go out to players who placed in the overalls in their various strats, including:

1st in the open strat
Harry Gellis & Patti Martin
Mike Fine & Rick Deyerle

4th in the open strat (while only playing seven matches)
David Trent & Franklin Price
Neil & Helen Moran

3rd in the <8000 strat
Paul Anderson & Randall Holden
Cindy Revercomb & Ruth Miles

4th in the <8000 strat
Margaret Anderson & Sarah Browning
Govind Narayan & Christine D’Ambra

4th in the <3000 strat
Bryan & Darlene Selz
Clay McCaskey & Jack Spooner

Results: Strata A, Strata B, Strata C

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