Ginter Park Game at Bridge Center

Starting Friday, May 13, the Ginter Park game will be played at the Bridge Center. It is scheduled to be played on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month at 11:00 am and has been permanently moved to the Bridge Center. Join us for a fun game and bring your lunch. Paul Anderson will direct, as usual.


Ginter Park Game at Bridge Center — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Paul,
    What level of play/master’s points is expected in this group? What is the cost? Is the group open to new participants? I play on Sunday nights in the higher level of the two novice groups. Is that skill level two low for this group?
    From Linda Krupa (

    • Linda, this is an open game, so I know that Paul would welcome you to join this game. I have sent him a copy of your note, so he will probably respond to you in person. Thanks for your interest! Linda M.

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