Friendly Bridge

Friendly BridgeFriendly Bridge Face to Face Games

Friendly Bridge creates an atmosphere of friendship and fun for beginning bridge players. In order to play in a Friendly Bridge game on Sunday afternoon or Tuesday evening, you need to be a non life master with less than 500 masterpoints. Sunday evenings are reserved for players with 0-20 masterpoints or 0-100 masterpoints. On Sunday evenings there are continuous beginning lessons from our Friendly Bridge book. These lessons start in March and September, but you can come in any time. Richmond’s Friendly Bridge games are held at the Bridge Center in Richmond, Virginia.

Sundays (except for Holidays and Tournaments)
1:00-1:30 Lesson with Linda MacCleave
1:30-4:30 2 sections: game for NLM with 0-499 Masterpoints and Open game. (Director: Harry Alferink)

Sundays (except for Holidays and Tournaments)
6:00-6:30 Lesson with Ed Kinlaw
6:30-8:30 Games for beginners and novices 0-20 and 0-100 Masterpoints (Director: Paul Anderson)

Friendly Bridge Online Activities

6:15 Online game (Director Linda MacCleave)
8:15 Online Zoom Lesson with Ed Kinlaw

5:30 Online Zoom Lesson with Richard Deyerle
6:15 Online game (Director Harry Alferink)

1:00 Online Zoom Lesson with Linda MacCleave

Friendly Bridge Classes for beginners begin in September and March. Drop in any time. Call or email Ed for more information: 804-744-4870.

Saturday Workshops are held twice a year. Call or email Ed for more information: 804-744-4870.

Ed’s Video Lessons

Check out Ed’s Video Lessons!

Friendly Bridge Trophy

Carol Stevens and Anne Atwood

Friendly Bridge Trophy
Won by Carol Stevens and Anne Atwood
April 6, 2014

The Friendly Bridge Trophy is awarded twice a year (spring and fall) at a special trophy game on a Sunday afternoon.

We are proud of our unusual handcrafted trophy. It was designed and created by Jerry Dellinger, one of our members, in 2004. It depicts the Friendly Bridge symbol of a smiling heart with the other card symbols on his hat and shoes.

Everyone should want to display this work of art in their home for a few months of every year!



Friendly Bridge Book, January 2020 edition

Handouts by Linda or Richard

Other lesson opportunities in Richmond and Fredericksburg