District 6 NAP Results

Flight A (Trip winners)
1. Nobel Shore, Michael Gill
2. Eugene Kales, Richard Ferrin
3. Daniel Korbel, Sylvia Shi

Flight B (Trip winners)
1. Adam Gann, Zachary Madden (1st North)
2. Michael Kelley, Leah Shao (1st South)
3. Thomas Peters, Robert Rovner (2nd North)
4. Bruce Roberts, James Key (Next highest %)

Flight C (Trip winners)
1. Philip Sticha, Randall Stephens (1st North)
2. Michael Haddox, Schatz, William Vandyke (1st South)
3. Anne Weismann, Karen Sandler (3rd overall North)
4. Jack Spooner, Donnie Walsh (2nd South)

Qualification to the National Level

The top 3 pairs in the Open Flight and the top 4 pairs in the 0-2500 and NLM Flights will qualify for the National Finals. The top 2 pairs will be subsidized by the ACBL: the first place pairs receiving $700 per person, and the second place pairs receiving $300 per person. District 6 will subsidize the second, third and fourth place pairs as follows:  The second place pairs will receive $200 per person in addition to the ACBL subsidy. Third place pairs will receive $300 per person. Fourth place in the 0-2500 and NLM will receives $200 per person.

2017 NAP Finals will be in Kansas City, Missouri.
Questions: call Bill Cole (301.602.9024) or email him (colebridge@aol.com)

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