Christmas Mother Game Sets Giving Record

The Annual Christmas Mother Game, held Saturday afternoon, December 12 at the Clarion Hotel, raised more than $3,000 for the Richmond Christmas Mother Fund. This was $200 more than last year’s record.

There were 28 tables with 13 tables in Friendly Bridge and 15 in the open section. In the spirit of the game, Bill and Elizabeth Childrey volunteered to move from Friendly Bridge to the Open game to avoid a half table in each. Guess who had the top score in the Open Section and were rewarded with 5.54 master points? For complete results visit the RBA web site results section.

Special thanks to Anne Atwood and Winnie Fratkin for arranging the lunch which included chicken salad, tuna salad, and egg salad and to the many players who brought food to share. Thanks to Susan MacLaughlin for providing her computer, bridge mates and server so that we could operate the game and to Bob MacCleave for assisting with the logistics of putting it all together.

The Pustilniks of the Bridge Center donated 10 free games as prizes and Alfredo and Barbara Neuman donated jars of honey as additional prizes. Thanks to Becky Duty who handled the advance registration.

Nothing like good bridge, good food and good prizes to put us all in the holiday spirit with bridge playing friends.

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