Checkback Stayman

My favorite partner (you know who) and I were having a discussion about Checkback Stayman today and discovered that we did not have the same idea about it at all. It’s funny how you can be absolutely sure that you’re on the same wavelength as your partner, only to discover later that you’re not. So anyway, I am going to teach Checkback Stayman on Sunday using a hand from Saturday’s game. Fortunately, I found an article by Barbara Seagram that explains it very well (almost exactly as I had understood it). I did NOT know about the 3NT response to indicate that you have BOTH the other 4-card major and the 3-card major! But couldn’t that wrong-side the hand? I have now included the Seagram article on Checkback Stayman on our Friendly Bridge Lesson Handouts page. If you read it carefully, you will note that her example contradicts her suggestion of bidding 3NT when you have both the other 4-card major and the 3-card major. Thanks, Donnie, for noticing that!

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