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Starting Wednesday April 29 at 1:15 we will have bridge online (BBO) for all our players. (Open game) Thursday April 30 at 1:15 (0-1500 points only). You must be registered at BBO in order to play. THE SYSTEM WILL ONLY ALLOW PEOPLE WHO HAVE PLAYED IN OUR GAMES TO PLAY.

  1. Go to and register if you haven’t already. Must be done at least two days before our game. Pick your online name (moniker)
  2. You must purchase BBO dollars before you can register for the game. The cost of the games is $6.00
  3. TWO HOURS before game time on Wednesday, you can log on for the game.
  4. Log on to BBO and go to COMPETITIVE and ACBL VIRTUAL CLUBS.
  5. Search for the club by using the name Bridge Center. It will be listed as VACB110601.
  6. Both partners must be online at the same time in order to register for the game.
  7. REGISTER EARLY so we can see if anyone is having trouble. Call me if your have any problems. After you register, come back 10 minutes before game time.
  8. If you are BLOCKED, PLEASE CALL ME AT 804 241-3234. I will need to know your moniker and I can add you to the game.
  9. We will be playing 21 boards initially, 3 boards a round with 7 minutes a board. When the round is over you will automatically be moved into the next round even if you are not finished.  The computer will determine your score for any unfinished boards. There will be a clock in the upper left hand corner. Please keep track of your time.
  10. Playing online is a little different as you must alert your own bids. There is an alert button with room for a description and then make your bid. Your partner cannot see your alert. Click on Alert and explain before you make your bid.
  11. When the game is over, the results will appear in your BBO history and on ACBL Live for Clubs. This will be our first games so please be patient as we THIS WILL BE OUR FIRST GAMES, SO PLEASE BE PATIENT AS WE WORK OUR WAY THROUGH THEM.



Bridge Center Online — 2 Comments

  1. So I cannot play in your games because I have never played at the bridge center? I have played with my sister who belongs to a club in Oregon. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Leslie, I need to know more. Where are you from? What is your BBO name? What is your ACBL number? I am allowed a certain percentage of guests every week, so I could reserve a guest spot for you if you are not local. Send me this information when you can to my email: Thanks for wanting to play in our game!

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