Lessons by Bob Pustilnik and Linda MacCleave

Here are some of the lessons presented by Linda, or Bob P.  via email, or on Zoom. If you would like a specific lesson emailed to you, contact Linda.

Date Topic Teacher
2-15 Math Major III Bob P
1-29 The Law of Innocence Bob P
1-22-21 Everybody Knows Bob P
1-2-21 Math Major II Bob P
12-28-20 You Don’t Have to Be a Math Major Bob P
12-26-20 Dangling Participles Bob P
11-27-20 What to play when partner leads Bob P
11-23-20 Spots Count Bob P
11-21-20 Unusual NT and Michaels Linda
11-10-20 The Pen Is Mightier Bob P
11-10-20 Takeout Doubles Linda
11-5-20 Investment Bankers Bob P
10-31-20 Strong 2C Linda
10-25-20 Bridge Detectives Bob P
10-25-20 Cuebids Linda
10-18-20 Icarus and the Bumblebee (A Fake Finesse) Bob P.
10-17-20 Forcing and Non-forcing Bids Linda
10-2-20 Las Vegas Bridge Bob P.
9-21-20 What Did He Mean By That? Bob P
9-12-20 Weak 2s and Responses: Contact Linda Linda
9/9/20 Keeping Good Company Bob P
9-06-2020 Pulling Trumps Bob P
9-05-2020 Law of Total Tricks: Contact Linda for handouts Linda
August Lessons available by contacting Linda LInda
8-4-2020 Toothache II Bob P
8-1-2020 Leads Linda
7-25-2020 New Minor Forcing Linda
7-22-2020 Toothache Bob P
7-18-2020 Drury Linda
7-14-2020 Dessert Bob P
7-11-2020 Jacoby 2NT Linda
7-4-2020 Inverted Minors Linda
6-29-2020 Internet Bridge Bob P.
6-27-2020 Two Over One Revisited Linda
6-23-2020 Hand Evaluation, Part 4 Bob P
6-16-2020 Imagination II Bob P
6-13-2020 Introduction to Two over One (Larry Cohen) Linda
6-6-2020 Imagination Bob P.
6-6-2020 Responsive Doubles Linda
5-31-2020 Jump Shifts Linda
5-27-2020 Planning, Part II Bob P
5-24-2020 Balancing over 1 Bids Linda
5-17-2020 Reverses Linda
5-14-2020 More Hidden Plays Bob P
5-10-2020 Redouble and Jordan 2NT Linda
5-6-2020 Mission Bob P.
5-3-2020 Test Your Defense with Eddie Kantar Linda
4-27-2020 Hidden Plays Bob P.
4-26-2020 Negative Double Linda
4-20-2020 Kickback Bob P
4-19-2020 Defense: Opening Leads (Zoom Lesson) Linda
4-15-2020 Planning II Bob P
4-14-2020 Planning Bob P
4-12-2020 Support Doubles (Zoom Lesson) Linda
4-8-2020 Bidding Quiz Bob P
12-29-2019 The Only Realistic Hope by Larry Cohen Linda
12-22-2019 The Clue Is There by Larry Cohen Linda
12-15-2019 Uncrafty Opponents by Larry Cohen Linda
12-08-2019 An Old Adage by Larry Cohen Linda
12-03-2019 Basic Two Over One Richard
12-01-2019 Negative Doubles by Larry Cohen Linda