ACBL Endless Summer Tournament June 25-28

Celebrate warmer days and moonlit nights with the Endless Summer Tournament – your next chance to win gold and red masterpoints® online!

After listening to your feedback, we are happy to introduce our second regionally rated event to be held on Bridge Base Online (BBO). The Endless Summer Tournament spans four days (June 25-28, Thurs.-Sun.) and is filled with pair events for every level. Start times are staggered and spread throughout the day, so you’ll have several opportunities to play.

See our printable schedule for a daily list of games, including both one- and two-sessions events. (If you see the name of an event twice, note that they are the first and second sessions of the same event.) Sessions are 18 boards, seven minutes per board. Entries are $15 per player, per session for all events.

After familiarizing yourself with the schedule, go through our Online Tournament Checklist and the FAQ to ensure you have all you need. You may also want to review our BBO tutorials.

Gold points and golden sunshine! Here’s to an endless summer!

Schedule                          Checklist

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