Our Fall Sectional will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 13-15 at the Clarion Hotel Central on North Boulevard. There will be both open and 0-300 games Friday at 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and at 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning with a B-A-M game Saturday afternoon. Sunday will be the popular bracketed swiss game. Get your partners now for what should be another great sectional.

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Rank Changes July 2017

Congratulations to all other Unit 109 players who have received a new rank as of July 2017, especially those who achieved Life Master or above:

Ruby Life Master: Lou Einwick, Willem Vet, Marc Warner
Silver Life Master: Natalia Vet
Bronze Life Master: Ellen Hartenberg, Bryan Selz
Life Master: Jacqueline Poliquin, Andrew Richardson, Edie Ring

For a complete listing of all July rank changes, go to

RBA Summer Sectional Review

Fredericksburg Bus Group

The RBA Summer Sectional at the Clarion Hotel was well received with 213.5 tables the weekend of June 23-25. It was the second largest number of tables for a summer sectional and the best turnout for a year that also included the bi-annual Richmond Memorial Day Regional.

Attendance got a nice boost from an RBA sponsored chartered bus from Fredericksburg. After the successful bus trip from Richmond to Fredericksburg for the St. Patrick’s Day Sectional in March, our Fredericksburg area members organized a similar trip from Fredericksburg to Richmond, Saturday June 24 and 26 players signed up.

For complete results see Game Results on the website.

2016-17 Grand National Teams

Seventy-two teams competed in the Grand National Team competition this year. There were many close matches. In the Open bracket of the GNT’s, there was a major upset. The perennial winners, the Steve Robinson team, was defeated by the Michael Gill team. Congratulations to the winners! Following are the results of the Open, A, B & C brackets.

 Flight A
Congratulations to Steve Robinson  and Peter Boyd for winning the Baldwin North American Pairs Flight A! Congratulations as well to Lou Reich  and Bob Bell who placed 10th in that event, to Steve Bunning and Jose Cortina who were 15th in the Golder North American Pairs Flight B, and to Terry Klein and Charles Dearolf who placed 5th in the President’s Cup North American Pairs Flight C. Well done, all.

The Alex Prairie team cruised to an easy victory in the 0-6000 Grand National Team Competition. Fortunately, missing the major snow storm in February, the semi-final and final matches got off without a hitch. Following are the final standings:
1st Place: Alex Prairie, Noble Shore, Jian-Jian Wang, Stephen Drodge, Sylvia Shi, Michael Gill
2nd Place: Tom Musso, Ellen Cherniavsky, Hal Hindman, Clyde Kruskal
3rd Place: Ted Ying, Hank Meyer, Vince Wilmot Jr., David Genne
4th Place: Mark Laken, David Rodney, Rusty Krauss, Stan Schenker, Joe Trapani, Richard Baum
5th-8th Place: Richard Price, Melissa Price, Walter Smith Jr., Hadi Abushakra
Marc Warner, David Platnick, Michael Lane, Joe Waller
Jason Meyer, Larry Kahn, Adam Gann, Brad Libros, John Edmonds
Eileen Houghton, Rose Berman, Mary Peters, Thomas Peters

1 Michael Gill, Noble Shore, Bill Pettis, Ai-Tai Lo
2 Steve Robinson, William Cole, Peter Boyd, Beth Palmer, Sylvia Shi
3 / 4 —Donna Rogall, Clyde Kruskal, Hal Hindman, Sumner Steinfeldt
—Robert Hopkins Jr, Brad Theurer, Rusty Krauss, Barry Falgout, Joan Lewis, Mark Chen
5 / 8 —Marc Warner, Dewayne Jones, Fred King, Richard Wegman, Mark Dahl, David Butler
—Monique Smith, Merril Hirsh, Ronald Zucker, Michael Richey
—Martin Graf, Mark Shaw, David Ruderman, Alan Tenenbaum, Andrew Gofreed
—Sorina Negulescu, Daniela Tunsanu, Radu Tunsanu, Katherine Rabenstein

B 0-2500

1 Adam Gann, Matthew Lahut, Alex Prairie, Zachery Madden
2 Ed Kinlaw, James Creech, Govind Narayan, Franklin Price, David Trent
3 / 4 —Mel Yudkin, Debnarayan Dhar, Kiyomi Shiba, Carol Crawford
—Michael Berard, David Grabiner, Art McCann, Murat Berk, Richard Wissing, Peter Van Zijl

C 0-500
1 Joseph Lebaron, Myron Goldstein, Carol Stringer, Robbie Lloyd
2 Virginia Cenedella, Betsy Carlson, Janna Gies, Ellen Waff