Laws of Duplicate are changing

The changes have been serialized in the Ruling the Game section of the Bridge Bulletin from July through November. Two of the ones that are easy to explain are:

  1. As of Jan 1, 2018 the stop card will no longer be in the bidding box at tournaments. ACBL has suggested we eliminate them at the club level as well. The opponent to the left of the bidder who makes a skip bid is still required to wait before he makes his bid.
  2. If no dealing machine is used, in dealing the cards manually, no two consecutive cards from the deck can be placed in the same hand. So deal them out one at a time in four consecutive piles as though you were dealing at the party bridge table. Since dealing five piles and combining the first and last piles puts the 5th card in the same hand as the 6th card, this also cannot be done.

More information coming soon.

The Laws of Duplicate Bridge
Effective Sept 25, 2017

Mike Fine, 1928-2017

Myron Alan “Mike” Fine
October 17, 1928 – January 21, 2017

Mike Fine, one of the best bridge players in the area and a shining light for the RBA, passed away, January 21 at the age of 88. Mike started the EasyBridge! program in Richmond in 2001. These classes became Friendly Bridge, a terrifically successful program for beginning bridge players. He served as President of the RBA for many years and successfully guided the unit through difficult times.

Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., Mike and his brother Gerry moved to Richmond in the 50’s, and ran Fine Brothers Supermarket. In the early 70’s he started a new venture, Fine Windshield Repair which he owned for 42 years before retiring last year.

Over the years he found time to play in regional and local bridge tournaments, earning the distinction of Diamond Life Master with over 7,100 points. Only five active players have accumulated more points in the Richmond area.

Mike was always eager to help up-and-coming players with tips and suggestions on bridge. He and his long-time partner, Dickie Hamilton were recognized at the October RBA Sectional on Dickie’s 95th birthday. They promptly recorded a 62% game. Not only will Mike be missed at The Bridge Center, but the RBA and the entire bridge community has suffered a tremendous loss.

The ACBL Bridge Bulletin will publish an obituary for Mike in April.

Jim Davis, Bridge Teacher

In what looked like a series of equations, Jim Davis scribbled numbers and letters across a whiteboard at Lafayette High School.

This wasn’t Algebra. Or any high school math class, for that matter.

The formulas on the board revealed strategy in the game of bridge, and the eight students in the classroom listened before launching into a few games of their own.

Davis, 73, teaches the card game to nearly 80 students across eight Williamsburg-James City County schools.

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